Flawed nomination and election process and poor communication by Kahukuraariki Trust Board – A Reprieve!

he Taemaro Marae has raised concerns with the processes of Kahukuraariki Trust Board which have undermined the right of marae and whanau to be engaged in the process.  The concerns we have raised have been inadequately addressed.  We have submitted and spoken at Maori select committee in respect to our issues with the Bill and the processes.  We have written to the Kahukuraariki Trust Bard challenging their processes and seeking clarification of their processes and lack of clear and timely communication with the marae, and reinforced their current interim Taemaro Marae trustee does not represent Taemaro, her words and ours!  
Last week, 19th September, the Taemaro Marae met to discuss the Kahukuraariki flawed nomination processes and timeframes that undermines the mana of marae, does not give sufficient time for whanau to consider and encourage a member to stand and come to a marae meeting to seek endorsement.  We sent an urgent letter to the Kahukuraariki Trust  seeking clarity about registration processes and nomination process, undermining the right for us as marae whanau to be engaged in discussions and nominate a representative for Taemaro. We also responded to outstanding issues not addressed to our satisfaction from previous correspondence.  We also sent an email to several members of parliament including the Minister for Treaty Settlements challenging the poor communication and undermining of marae mana and due process by the election process.
Because of the tight timeframes imposed on us we sent an URGENT email to whanau members last week asking members to consider whether they were interested in representing Taemaro Marae and to please send their details and CV to us for urgent consideration.  You will recall last week the 3rd Reading of the Bill which would have seen it passed into law was not held as planned.  As a marae this is another example of Kahukuraariki Trust’s failure to communicate that the bill was due to go before parliament and is seen as yet another way they are tightly constructing the process to exclude.  This is not democratic and lets face it tikanga has been left out a long time ago.
Last night, 26th September, the Taemarae Marae was forced to meet urgently to discuss the process.  We received only one submission from a whanau member, which we believe the  flawed timeframes and process was the main reason for this.  We resolved to accept the only nomination received and to write again to the Kahukuraariki Trust and to cc in Election Services to challenge the process and seek/demand time frames be extended for nomination.  The current registration process is also flawed as we have whanau members who registered through their site, who have not received confirmation of their registration nor a response to their query.  This effectively undermined whanau members the right to stand for nomination to the Kahukuraariki Board and or vote.  We resolved that the Taemaro Marae would then encourage whanau members to reconsider their ability and willingness to represent Taemaro Marae at the Kahukuraariki Trust Board and come to the planned Taemaro Marae meeting Labour Weekend to discuss and confirm a marae nominee.
We note this morning on the Kahukuraariki Trust Board website, an announcement postponing of nominations until June 2017.  This is a reprieve and should allow us all time to ensure that we as whanau who whakapapa to Taemaro Marae and are over 18 years to register and to individually confirm your registration.  It most importantly  ensures we have time to consider standing a nominee in the election to the Kahukuraariki Trust Board who has the mandate of the Taemaro Marae.  The marae needs to meet but it may be that the Labour deadline for confirmation of our Taemaro Marae nominee is no longer necessary and we can give ourselves more time to make considered decisions.  We will keep you informed.
Nga mihi kia a koutou e nga whanaunga
Lisa King, Taemaro Marae (secretary and trustee)

Special Hui re: Kahukuraariki Trust Board Nominations on 26/9/16 @ 7pm

Kia ora whanau,

Kahukuraariki Trust Board is the post settlement governance entity for the Treaty claim.
Since June, we have been seeking registration and election information from the Board.
They recently updated their website to provide information the election process, time frames and registration which is provided at the bottom of this email:
The first stage is nominations – all registered adults (beneficiaries) have until the 28th Sept 2016 to nominate a whanau member to represent Taemaro marae.
Voting doesn’t start until December 2016
Please consider registering – it will enable you to nominate and vote.
As for all marae representatives on external boards / roopu etc there are minimum expectations that nominees should meet. Taemaro Marae Committee will provide some information on expectations for nominees shortly.
Taemaro Marae Committee is continuing to communicate with KTB. We have been proactive in asking for information but the responses we are receiving are falling short. We will persist in seeking information. We have also been including the members of the Māori Select Committee, Office of Treaty Settlements and Minister Chris Finlayson in the communication loop for transparency.
Below is some basic information taken from the KTB website.

Kahukuraariki Trust has commenced the process for the upcoming election of permanent Trustees for the Kahukuraariki Trust. Election Services will be conducting the process. Please note – you have to be registered with Kahukuraariki Trust to be eligible to vote. Please check with the Trust if you are unsure whether or not you are registered. http://www.kahukuraariki.co.nz/register

Below is the Election timetable; note these important dates:

07-09 September: Nominations open which will be accepted directly from a beneficiary and/or Marae. As per normal elections; you will need an elector and a seconder plus the candidate will have to accept the nomination. Nomination forms can be obtained from Election Services by phoning 0800 922 822

28 September: Nominations will close at 5pm

09-11 November: Public notices of candidate names will be lodged in the metropolitan and local newspapers where significant numbers of beneficiaries reside.

Voting packs will be posted out

07 December: Voting will close at 12pm
10 December AGM will be held (venue and time yet to be decided) and successful candidates announced.


20 September 2016

Tena koutou He mihi tenei ki a koutou te whanau nō Taemaro. Ko La-Verne King toku ingoa, tetahi hemana o tenei poari, no reira, ka nui te mih ki a koutou.

This email is a follow up to the one that Bernadette circulated to you all on 15 September 2016 on behalf of the Taemaro Marae Trustees regarding the Kahukuraariki Trust. We are encouraging all Taemaro whanau to register as a member of the Kahukuraariki Trust. This will then enable you to take part in the upcoming election process for the post settlement governance entity (PSGE) that will receive the land and money compensation as a result of the Ngatikahu ki Whangaroa Claims Settlement. Nominations to the PSGE have been called for by Kahukuraariki Trust. We understand and are seeking clairification that there are eight positions to fill and that each position will be elected by each of the Marae. The last date to nominate a person to represent Taemaro on the PSGE is 28 September 2016 at 5pm. If as we believe, only one person on the PSGE will be elected by Taemaro, then the Taemaro Marae Trustees plan to nominate one person to represent Taemaro on the PSGE and will be calling for all Taemaro whanau to vote for that person. The trustees have called a special meeting on Monday, 26 September 2016 to decide on who the Trustees will be supporting to represent Taemaro on the PSGE. Accordingly, if you are interested in representing Taemaro on the PSGE, or wish to nominate someone to represent Taemaro, then it is important that you let us know. You should also provide us with a bio/cv which sets out the requisite skills for the role and your commitment to the people of Taemaro. You can access information from the Kahukuraariki Trust website and we encourage you to read as much as possible about what your role would be.

We ask that you email Bernadette by Sunday, 25 September with the requested information. Please feel free to email Bernadette if you have any queries.

Mauri ora

La-Verne King

Co-Chair Taemaro Marae Trustees

Banking details updated

We have switched our marae accounts to ASB. New account details for our marae building fund are:


Please update your automatic payments etc if you already contributing – if you’re not, now is the time to think about starting