Piri Mokena Games Update

We have registered and paid for a netball team, a rugby team and a stall for this years Piri Mokena Cup Games.
The games are held over the Saturday and Sunday of Labour Weekend in Kaeo at the Kaeo Sports Grounds. Matangirau are hosting this year.

Alec Aperahama and Alfonso Hei Hei are organising the rugby team. Alec’s contact email is: alec.a@xtra.co.nz
Alfonso’s contact email is: spheihei@gmail.com
There are uniforms.
So far we have got players from the following whanau: Tepania whanau, Abraham whanau and Ripikoi whanau.
We definitely need more players.

LaVerne King and Makere Ripikoi are managing / coaching the netball team.
So far we have the following players:
Anna Rainey, Rikki Leigh Joyce, Rina Joyce, Mihiteria Hynes, Ngatau Ruhi, Mena Poulsen.
We need about 5 more players to allow for reserves etc.

We have a neat mixed bag stall of Taemaro merchandise, home baking and home made products.
We have 5 volunteers. Can we have 3 more please?
And donations of products to sell please such as services you provide, products you make, your time etc.

The games run all day Saturday and all day Sunday.
The powhiri is on the Friday evening at the Kaeo Sports Club. That is an important event for whanau to be at and where the information regarding the draw etc for the weekend is given.

Kia ora!